POP3 Connector for Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino with Anti-Spam Filter and Anti-Virus Protection: PYTHEAS MailGate

POP3 Connector for the Lotus Domino (R4.6) SMTP MTA, with Anti-Spam Filter and Anti-Virus Protection

How to Configure the Lotus Domino R4.6 SMTP MTA with PYTHEAS MailGate

Install the products and check the versions

  • You need a Lotus Domino server version 4.6.1 (or later).
    To check its version you can issue the following (console) command:
    Tell SMTPMTA Show Version
  • PYTHEAS MailGate : version 2.00 (or later).

Create ou modify the SMTP Server Connection document

Connection type : SMTP   Usage priority : Normal
Source server : NameOfYourServer   Destination server : InternetHosts
Connect via : Direct connection   Destination domain : Dialup_inet
      Relay host :
Scheduled Connection     Routing and replication  
Connectione: Enabled   Tasks : SMTP mail routing
Call at time : 08:00 - 18:00 each day   Route at once if : 1 message pending
Repeat interval of : 30 minutes   Routing cost : 5
Days of week : Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri      
  • Connect via: Choose 'Direct connection'.
  • Destination server: This name must be unique and not contain any spaces.
  • Destination domain: Dialup_inet. This must match the Should be routed to domain name used in the foreign domain document.
  • Relay host: Enter the IP address of the machine executing PYTHEAS MailGate Communication Task (use if both run on the same system).
  • The SMTP MTA uses information in the Scheduled Connecion section to determine what to do when you have outgoing internet messages.
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Modify the "Server" document

Server name : YourServer   Server build number : Version 4.61
Serveur title :     Administrators : <your administrateurs>
Domain name : YourNotesDomain   Routing tasks : Mail Routing, SMTP mail routing
Cluster name :     Server's phone number(s) :  
Master address book name :        
Internet message transfer agent (MTA SMTP Agent)
Inbound configuration (Used by this MTA)   Outbound configuration (Used by this MTA)
Number of processes : 5   Number of processes : 1
      Maximum outbound msg size : 0
  • Routing tasks: Ensure that SMTP Mail Routing is listed under the Routing Tasks field.
  • Incoming configuration, number of threads: 5 (default value)
  • Outgoing configuration, number of threads: enter 1.
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Create or modify the "Foreign SMTP Domain" document

Basics     Restrictions  
Domain Type : Foreign SMTP Domain   Allows mail only from domain :  
      Deny mail from domain :  
Addressed to :
    Should be Routed to :  
Internet Domain: *.*   Domain : Dialup_inet
      Internet host:  
  • Internet domain: *.* (means all internet mail traffic).
  • Should be routed to: Dialup_inet (the value you entered in the Destination Domain field of the SMTP Server connection document).
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Modify the "Global domain" document

Basics     Members  
Domain Type : Global Domain   Notes domains and aliases : YourNotesDomain
Global domain name : <name of the document>   Alias seperate caracter : =
Global domain role : SMTP MTA      
Use as default Global Domain (for use with all Internet protocols except HTTP) :        
SMTP address conversion     X.400 Address
Outbound mail restriction : Unrestricted   Outbound mail restriction : Restrict to global domain
Address format : Address only   Country name :  
Internet domain suffix : InetDomain.com   ADMD name: (ADMD = single space)
Internet address lookup :
If disabled or no match,
convert as follows :
  PRMD name :  
Local part formed from : Short name   Notes domain attribute : None
Notes domain(s) included : All   DDA Type : LD
Notes domain(s) position : Left of '@'      
Notes domain separator : % - percent sign      
Address example : JMD%dom1%dom2%dom3@LuRamsey.com      
  • Verify that the corresponding field in the "Server" document, Internet message transfer agent (MTA SMTP Agent) section, matches the name of this document.
  • Global domain role : set to SMTP MTA
  • Internet domain suffix: Please enter into the field 'Internet domain suffix' any internet domain names appearing in any of the Domino user's internet mail addresses (Short name and/or internet address). Please note: they must be given the internet address of their internet mailbox. The first value in the list is the default value for the internet domain name, and appended to internet addresses for which a domain name is not specified.
  • Internet address lookup: set to "Enabled" (if set to "Disabled", the Domino mail router will not be able to route incoming messages to the SMTP address specified in the "Short Name" property. You will also receive a subsequent "Address Syntax Error") when receiving a message, and it will end up as "Dead mail".
  • Notes Domains and Aliases: add the name of your "Notes Domain".
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Modify the Person documents

Name     Mail  
First name : <FirstName>   Mail system : Notes
Middle initial :     Mail Domain : YourNotesDomain
Last name : <Name>   Notes mail server : YourServer
User name : <Notes user name>   Mail file : mail\MailFile.nsf
Short name and/or internet address : YourAlias@InetDomain.com   Forwarding address :  
  • Short name and/or internet address: people who use the reply-function to answer the "person's" internet messages, will use this address. Enter here the internet address of the "Person's" mailbox.
    If you do not have your own internet domain name,  InetDomain.com will be your ISP's internet domain name.
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