POP3 Connector for Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino with Anti-Spam Filter and Anti-Virus Protection: PYTHEAS MailGate

POP3 Connector for Lotus Domino R5, R6, R7, R8, R8.5

If you are still using a Lotus Domino R4.6 server, please see this page.

How to configure the Lotus Domino Server and PYTHEAS MailGate

This page gives some details to configure a Lotus Domino server how to let PYTHEAS MailGate send POP3 email into the user's mailboxes. Depending on your version of the Lotus Domino Server, the configuration screens may look differently. In any case, it is important to perform the two checks at the end of this document.

1. Check the PYTHEAS MailGate version number

You need PYTHEAS MailGate release 2.00 (or later).


2. Modify the Current Server Document

Server name:   Server build number: Release 5.0.1a (Intl)
Server title:   Administrators:  
Domain name:   Routing tasks: Mail Routing, SMTP Mail Routing
Fully qualified Internet host name:   SMTP listener task: Enabled
Cluster name:   Server's phone number(s):  
Directory Assistance database name:   CPU count:  
Directory Catalog database name on this server:   Operating system:  
Optimize HTTP performance based on the following primary activity:   Is this a Sametime server?:  
  • Routing tasks: be sure to have Mail Routing and SMTP Mail Routing in the Routing tasks.
  • Set the SMTP listener task to Enabled.
Ports - Internet ports - Mail
(SMTP Inbound)
(SMTP Outbound)
TCP/IP port number:     25 2500
TCP/IP port status:     Enabled Enabled
Authentication options:        
Name & password:     No N/A
Anonymous:     Yes N/A
  • Mail (SMTP Inbound): We recommend to leave the default value of 25.Please check that you have the same value in the PYTHEAS MailGate Configuration Program, Your Mail server page, Domino R5 Server, Connect to port option. Use the Try connection button to check.
  • Mail (SMTP Outbound): (skip this if PYTHEAS MailGate does not handle your outgoing mail).
    If both of the conditions below are true, you'll have to set this port number to a value other than 25 (for ex. 2500). Enter the same value in the PYTHEAS MailGate Configuration Program, Outgoing Mail page, Listen on port field.
    - the PYTHEAS MailGate Communication Task and the Domino server both run on the same system,
    - the PYTHEAS MailGate Communication Task should take care of outgoing mail.

Please note: We realized that the TCP/IP port number for SMTP outbound mail was not taken into account by the Domino SMTP task with Domino R5 release 5.0; however, beginning with the 5.0.1a release this option works as expected.


3. Modify (or add) the Global Domain document

Domain type: Global domain
Global domain name:  
Global domain role: R5 Internet Domains or R4.x SMTP MTA
Use as default Global Domain:  

Conversions - SMTP Address Conversion
Address format:  
Local primary Internet domain: YourInternetDomain.fr
Alternate Internet domain aliases: OtherDomain1
Internet address lookup: Enabled
  • Local primary Internet domain: enter the domain suffix of your company, or the one used in most of your "People" documents.
  • Alternate Internet domain aliases: Please enter into this field any internet domain names appearing in any of the Domino users' internet mail addresses. Please remember: they must be given the internet address of their Internet POP3 mailbox (see below).

4. Modify (or add) the Configuration Settings which apply to your server

Skip this step if PYTHEAS MailGate does not handle your outgoing mail.

Go to Server - Configurations and open the Configuration settings document which applies to your server (may be the [All servers], the default configuration, document).

Router/SMTP - Basics
Number of mailboxes:  
SMTP used when sending messages outside of the local internet domain: Enabled
SMTP allowed within the local internet domain: All messages
Servers within the local Notes domain are reachable via SMTP over TCPIP:  
Address lookup: Fullname then local part
Exhaustive lookup:  
Relay host for messages leaving the local internet domain: MailGateIPaddress
Local Internet domain smart host: MailGateIPaddress
Smart host is used for all local internet domain recipients: Disabled
Host name lookup: Local lookup only (hosts file only)
  • In the Relay host for messages leaving the local internet domain... and Local Internet domain smart host fields, enter the IP address (or DNS name, if you have a DNS server on your LAN, or you use a hosts file) of the machine running the PYTHEAS MailGate Communication Task. If both run on the same machine, use
  • If a message sent to the correct SMTP address of a Domino mailbox does not make it into the mailbox, check the value of the Address lookup field.
Router/SMTP - Restrictions and Controls - Transfer Controls
Maximum transfer threads:  
Maximum concurrent transfer threads: 1
Maximum hop count  
Low priority mail routing time range:  
Initial transfer retry interval:  
Expired message purge interval:  

5. Modify the Person documents

Mail system:  
Mail server:  
Mail file:  
Forwarding address:  
Internet address: Name@YourInternetDomain.fr
Format preference for incoming mail:  
Encrypt incoming mail:  
  • Internet address : Please set this field the SMTP address of the Internet POP3 account this person will use.
    If you have your own Internet domain name, this address will look like YourName@YourInternetDomain.fr; if you do not have your own Internet domain name, this will be an address like mailbox@YourISP.net.

6. Final check

It may be useful to restart the Notes Domino server to activate the new configuration.

Please use the troubleshooting features of the PYTHEAS MailGate Configuration Program.

  • Your mail server page: Try connection button.
  • On the Properties page for every Recipient you defined: Send test message. Check that each test message make it into the Domino mailbox.
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