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Ref. PYTHEAS MailGate Public Price List (without taxes) Euros $ US
PYTHEAS MailGate for 20 POP3 Accounts/Recipients
Pmg-Soho SOHO License Pack, including incoming POP3-mail handling, content-checking rules engine / SpamAssassin interface for anti-spam analysis and outgoing mail handling 279 297
Pmg-SSL-S Add licence: Secure connections (POP3/SMTP SSL/TLS) 179 190
Pmg-MT-S Add licence: concurrent POP3 download and SMTP send tasks 89 95
Pmg-AvS Add licence for anti-virus scanner interface to SOHO-Licence 89 95
PYTHEAS MailGate for an unlimited number of POP3 Accounts/Recipients
Pmg-8-Inc License for incoming POP3-mail handling (implements the basic functions of the product; other modules may be purchased separately - see below) 279 297
Pmg-SSL-8 Add licence: Secure connections (POP3/SMTP SSL/TLS) 179 190
Pmg-MT-8 Add licence: concurrent POP3 download and SMTP send tasks 179 190
Pmg-Rul Add license Content-Checking rules engine including SpamAssassin interface for anti-spam analysis 179 190
Pmg-Av8 Add licence for Anti-Virus-Scanner interface 179 190
Pmg-Og Add license outgoing mail handling 319 339
Support and
Included for one year. The annual price of the support/upgrade package is 30% of the license price.
Licence Upgrades The cost is the difference between the price of the license which had already been purchased (according to this price list), and the requested license.

French customers, or EC customers without EC-VAT-number: please add VAT.

(*) Prices in $US are given as an indication only; they are subject to change with the exchange rate.

Features vs. licensing

Number of POP3 accounts or users...
...up to 20
...more than 20
Incoming mail handling yes yes
Unlimited number of POP3 accounts   yes
Secure connections (POP3 SSL, SMTP SSL/TLS) (since v. 2.61) with Pmg-SSL-S with Pmg-SSL-8
Concurrent POP3 download and SMTP send tasks (since v. 2.60/3.21) with Pmg-MT-S with Pmg-MT-8
Automatic notification back to sender of incoming message (since v. 2.50) yes with Pmg-Rul
Content checking rules for incoming mail yes with Pmg-Rul
Anti-spam analysis yes with Pmg-Rul
Gateway for anti-virus check with Pmg-AvS with Pmg-Av8
Outgoing mail handling yes with Pmg-Og

Order PYTHEAS MailGate online

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