Unsupported Utilities

Log file viewer

This CGI program lets you search the log files written by PYTHEAS MailGate, based on multiple search criteria. It comes with a search form, and can be added to an existing intranet web server, to provide access to the logs throughout your company.

The program needs VB6 runtime libraries (msvbm60.dll) which can be found on a system where PYTHEAS MailGate has been installed. Please read Install.htm included in the archive for more information how to install and customize the utility.

Current version

v. 1.20 (18 June 2002)

  • Shows sender's IP address column for incoming message log,
  • Allows selection by IP address, IP subnet or IP address range.
v. 1.30 (29 Aug 2013)
  • Installation instructions for Windows Server 2008 and later (IIS7 and later)

Download pmglogview.exe (self extracting archive)



We provide this utility program free of charge, and you may use it at your own risk. We provide no support for installation or use of the program. However, comments are welcome.

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