How to download and install a trial version

  • Download the setup program Pmg3-24a.msi (3.2  MB).
  • When you run PYTHEAS MailGate for the first time, it will automatically launch the Configuration Wizard.


  • The included trial license key lets you use the product for a couple of weeks, and with up to 5 POP3 accounts and Recipients (please have a look at the About page).
  • Please write to or drop us a phone call if you need assistance.
  • Please write to for any requests about a trial license key allowing for more mail accounts.
  • Feel free to write to for questions or comments about any existing or non-existing features.
  • You cannot upgrade a working installation with this setup program.

Registered users: how to upgrade PYTHEAS MailGate to release 3.24a

  • Please note: Beginning with the 3.11-version, PYTHEAS MailGate requires the Microsoft .Net Framework 4 (installation instructions).
  • Please enter your Support Contract ID:
    You can find it on the About/License-page of the Configuration Program. You can also download and use this program to display your Support Contract ID and license key fingerprint. You can get the status of your support contract here. You can order a support contract here.
  • Start the upgrade. If the setup program finds a 2.x-version of PYTHEAS MailGate, you will be asked to uninstall it first. If this does not work as expected, please read this.
  • Your existing configuration will be preserved.
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