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PYTHEAS Service Desk PSD

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Asset Management

Cut down your infrastructure costs

Service Desk

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and supervision

Remote software deployment - Automatic installation of operating systems and business software - Remote control for workstations


More about us

PYTHEAS offers wordlwide customers an Asset Management software (ITAM) and Services Desk  (ITSM) compatible with ITIL best practice.

Our PYTHEAS Service Desk solution is modular and covers ITIL standard processes such as the Inventory management, Assets management, Incidents management, Requests management, the catalog of services management, the problems management, the configurations management  ( CMDB) etc. It is a simple, solution which benefits from last technologies (Web Full house, WMI, WebM.NET, CLEAR (NET) ASP, W3C) by respecting the standards of the market (ITIL, W3C). All the services can be carried out with our certified partners or with our consultants, all were trained in the fundamental ITIL.

PYTHEAS relies on consulting and implementation of ITIL processes network companies. Since 2003,  PYTHEAS is a founder member of ITSMF France and has covered the full range of ITIL processes from the version V2 to the version V3.



Our adress:

1330, rue J.R.G.G. de la Lauzière
Europarc du Pichaury - Bât. B8
BP 10262
13797 Aix en Provence Cedex 03

Phone. +33 4

Fax. +33 4


PYTHEAS contribute actively to reduce CO2-emissions generated by travel (use of public transport),  paper (PDF using, no packaging), and electric consumption.