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Consulting services

PYTHEAS and its network of Certified Partners can guide you through all the phases of your project and assist you in the implementation and use of PYTHEAS Service Desk solutions. No matter the borders, we can deploy our consultants all over the world. We have references all over Europe but also in Northern America and in Africa.

Our services rely on the expertise of a team of highly specialized consultants. PYTHEAS consultants have been involved with Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) issues for 10 years, by providing technical assistance and consultancy services to large, small and medium sized businesses. They have thus developed a sound experience in the "field" over the years. Combined work of our sales representatives and consultants results in a more accurate analysis of your needs and thus provides an individual answer to your problems and a solution adapted to your corporate environment.

PYTHEAS can help your organization from carrying out the implementation study to following your corporate project through. Our services cover all asset management and help desk issues:

  • Asset management and help desk consultancy and study
  • Inventory runs
  • Training on our software
  • Customization and specific developments
  • Installation and configuration
  • Data transfer


Asset Management and Help Desk Consultancy and Study

Our consultants can bring your organization their expertise and advise you in your approach to an Asset management and Help desk initiative:

  •  Analysis of existing resources and corporate needs
  •  Recommendations on the actual implementation of your Asset management and Help desk solutions (structuring, setting of procedures…) and corporate financial monitoring.

Study of inventory runs

The objective of the inventory study is to analyze your asset portfolio (equipment, features…) and set up a methodology and planning of your inventory.

Inventory runs

Not only can we help you carry out the inventory study, we can also perform the actual inventory of your corporate assets (IT and material) by bringing you the support of our team of technicians, supervised by a Project Manager to ensure smooth progress of the operations.

Training on our software and associated environments

We provide training on our PYTHEAS Asset Management and PYTHEAS Service Desk products. Our training services cover the whole asset management and help desk process. Most of the time, these services are provided on-site depending on a schedule we establish together.

Customization, specific developments

As a software editor, PYTHEAS can perform adaptations so as to customize our offer (adaptations to your technical environment and corporate needs).

We also assist you in installing and configuring our software (on-site commissioning, effective running tests and installation check up).

Finally, we can take care of the integration of existing asset management and help desk data into the common PYTHEAS Asset Management and PYTHEAS Service Desk database.