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ITIL and best practices for Service Desk (Help Desk) and Infrastructure Resource Management

Companies are nowadays increasingly dependent on technology to promote and distribute products onto the markets. Adopting IT services management best practices is obviously very advantageaous. The PYTHEAS Service Desk product can help you implement most commonly deployed ITIL processes.




Incident management

Process through which you restore a normal operational service as quickly as possible whilst minimizing the impact on the company’s operations, ensuring thus that best quality and availability levels are maintained.

Problem management

Process through which you reduce the number and severity of incidents and problems affecting the operation of the information system.

Change management

Activity through which any change affecting the information system is made in a controlled way with as little inconvenience as possible.

Configuration management

Process through which you can identify, define, save and follow-through information system items whilst ensuring their completeness and accuracy. The objective is to provide information on the information system components.

Release management

Set of processes through which you can plan, design, configure and test components that will be installed in the production environment.

Service level management

Set of processes through which you can plan, coordinate, write, negotiate, contract, follow-up and monitor the Service Level Agreements through which quality of service can be assessed. The improvement of customer relationships can thus be developed.

Service desk

Financial management

Activity through which you can assess the best options for the information system, from which the IT Department will benefit, and meet clients’ requirements. With this financial resource monitoring, costs can be analyzed/allocated according to the use of resources; the efficiency of used resources will be optimized in providing service around the information system.

By implementing PYTHEAS’ solutions and applying ITIL practices, you will:

  • Use centralized and normalized information
  • Avoid repeating various actions
  • Control and automate your internal processes
  • Better define and meet your deadlines and costs
  • Increase resource productivity
  • Cut down user support cost
  • Adapt your IT department service offer so that it meets your company’s requirements

PYTHEAS is also strongly committed to the development of standard best practices in Information Technology service management. PYTHEAS is a founding member of the French chapter of itSMF (IT Service Management Forum), a global non profit organization with 2500 member companies. itSMF France coordinates a network of IT service management experts and makes different services available to its members: Information updates, seminaries and conferences, translation and sales of diverse ITIL related literature. Its mission is to set up a forum that allows members to exchange their ideas and experience and to make best practices evolve. More than 200 companies have already shown their interest by joining itSMF France.

PYTHEAS has trained all its project managers and consultants in ITIL standards and procedures, which are at the heart of thePYTHEAS Service Desk solution and its evolution.