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The 8 steps for a successful implentation of your asset management and Help Desk solution

Our Advice for a Successful Implementation of Your Asset Management and Help Desk Solution 

With a wealth of experience behind us, we have noticed that too many asset management initiatives are a failure (unused products, bases that are not updated, no tracking of licenses or maintenance work…). Not only is PYTHEAS eager to offer you state-of-the-art software at low cost, our company is also willing to guide you through the successful implementation of an asset management solution. Our first advice is that you should not be too ambitious in the short term: having an updated repository of your equipment already constitutes a laudable objective. You will still be able to follow up your finance-related information and Help Desk activities in due course. Go for more moderate objectives but remain firm on the methodology : our 8 "golden rules" should help you set an efficient procedure for the implementation of your Asset Management and Help Desk process.


 8 steps

1.Express a willingness

  • First and foremost you must be convinced this project is crucial to your organization. Asset Management is a major project for businesses, it can even be a strategic position : it is "the accounting task of the IT department". General objectives must be announced to teams and users; it is also essential you obtain buy-in from upper management.

2.Involve everyone at the IT department

  • Too many asset management initiatives are inefficient because users at the IT department have rejected them. You need to obtain formal commitment of everyone at the IT department, from the Project manager to the Systems operator.

3.Carry out a study, and take several steps

  • Name a Project manager
  • Define the objectives
  • Determine what is going to be managed
  • Tackle financial, human, organizational aspects (feasibility)
  • Elaborate a work method (procedures)
  • Choose the appropriate software.

4.Install and secure the software

  • Apply the results of the study
  • Double-check security and smooth running of the software
  • Secure access to data
  • Manage user profiles

5.Train teams

  • All technicians must be trained on the software and on procedures before the solution is actually implemented. It is important you put special emphasis on organizational aspects and usage procedures, make users "run" the procedures (inventory, upgrade...).

6.Perform the inventory

  • A preliminary study is fundamental as it determines the elements to inventory, the methods used and a "backup strategy".

7.Use the software and apply procedures

  • Once your asset repository has been built, any modification (move, change) must be signalled. If there has been no upgrade, all the work achieved previously will be lost (financial loss, credibility loss towards the whole organization). The first couple of weeks will be decisive, you will be able to deal rapidly with any malfunction.

8.Control and revise procedures

  • Still under the authority of a project manager, and with the involvement of all technicians, it may be necessary to revise procedures. The process to follow is the same as in quality control.

    Those 8 expert-recommended steps, product of our "domain expertise" in Asset Management and Help Desk solutions, can actively contribute to the success of your initiative.

    PYTHEAS is also a Consultancy and Service business. Our consultants can guide you through all the steps of your Asset Management and Help Desk initiative.