Asset management and IT inventory
Full control of infrastructure with PYTHEAS Service Desk 

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ITIL coverage












PCs, servers, network devices, peripherals, software applications, etc...


Furniture, telephone equipment, office equipment, security devices, audio and video equipment, vehicles, etc..

Network Administration


  • Security : Advanced and object level permissions management based on user profiles
  • Supervision
  • Remote distribution
  • Remote control


  • PDA assisted inventory, equipment identification using barcodes
  • Inventory record matching
  • Automatic inventory
  • Network discovery through our product PAM Discovery.  No software installation needed on audited machines.
  • Network equipment inventory through SNMP

IT asset management

  • Localized technical inventory database
  • License management
  • Contract management
  • Movement tracking
  • Consumable item management
  • Process automation through workflow engine: Alerts, reporting, e-mailing...
  • Resource optimization based on current needs
  • Project management: System migration, movement, deployment...
  • Multi-company and multi-site management
  • Advanced and object level permissions management based on user profiles

Financial tracking

  • Purchase chain control
  • Budget management
  • Bid tracking
  • Internal billing
  • TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), NBV (Net Book Value) and depreciation calculations
  • Compatibility links


  • Integration with major standard tools, such as Criston Précision V, Landesk, SiNETiS SysPackage, Microsoft SMS, ca UAM, Novell Zenworks
  • Data transfers from various directory applications: Active Directory, LDAP, NDS
  • Communication through company e-mail server
A ready-to-use solution

You will immediately have full range or ready-to-use tools at your fingertips (queries, reports, statistics, and intranet access). No time consuming development or configuration needed.

A simple to use yet powerful application

The graphical user interface is very intuitive. The software has been designed so as to reduce the amount of manual data entry and facilitate access to information.

A powerful inventory solution

Information about your software and hardware configurations can be automatically gathered through the network and inventoried in PAM.

A real decision support system

The dashboard facilitates your corporate asset management process and enhances your helpdesk system.

A high degree of personalization

The software allows you to make changes to its user interface, to create new queries and reports, and to implement new automation rules.

A modular solution

You can start using PAM with only the modules that fit your current needs. As your projects evolve, you can upgrade the application with other modules.

Full budget control

Our solution has been designed to minimize purchase expenses while at the same time assuring a top level of performance.