Automate Repetitive Tasks :
The PYTHEAS workflow engine 

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Efficient workflow management

The workflow engine allows for repetitive tasks to be automated by executing programmed actions either sequentially or in parallel. These actions can be triggered at regular time intervals or by PAM database internal or external events. This module allows the software to adapt to all possible scenarios and facilitates the implementation of company-specific automation rules. It can let you setup alarms, send automatic e-mails, or generate automated processes (alerts, incident management, cascading, movement management, database synchronization, e-mailing).

It's quick to get started

The rule management interface is a powerful customizable solution for incident, problem and movement management.  Thanks to its software wizards and its simple, intuitive, graphics oriented interface, creating different management rules is simple. Here are some examples:moteur workflow

  • Automate repetitive actions (creating, modifying or deleting objects).
  • Manage information flow (workflow management) based on object status.
  • Automatically assign incidents based on categories or specific team skills.
  • Implement alarms based on priorities, deadlines or categories.
  • Send e-mails through the company's SMTP e-mail servers.
  • Automatically assign incidents based on categories, priority levels or impact levels...
  • Intercept messages received in a specific mailbox
  • Print reports automatically.
  • Retrieve data through automated query execution.
  • Import or export data automatically.


Automate tasks through pre-programmed actions