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Softwares deployment

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SysPackage provides for the configuration and customization of applications to be deployed (both local and remote deployment). It creates automatic installation scripts at a detailed level, relieving administrators of many time consuming tasks.

Output in Microsoft .msi format is fully supported. This module works with the SysInstall module.

IT Audit software

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SysAudit tracks the usage of the software being used by individual users, i.e. tracks and reports the date and the duration of use for each user.

A consolidation of the individual audits provides and records information about the most frequently used software.

Deployment solution

Product documentation

SysInstall provides automatic installation of operating systems and business software on machines running any Windows operating system.

The master installation module can also set up PCs that have never been loaded before, i.e., a bare metal or factory installed PC. SysInstall works with any hardware, and also provides disk imaging.
SysInstall allows to :

  • Install automatically operating systems as a manual installation

  • Independent installation of computer model.

  • Install softwares and restor users data.

  • Set up softwares drivers and configurations.

    psd install

Remote control

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  • Automatic agent's installation for remote control.
  • SysRemote asks users permission to take control
  • SysRemote slides the sreen if the administrator get a lower resolution than the user
  • SysRemote enables a dialogue with the user and allow file tranfer
  • SysRemote enables the administrator to show his screen to the remote user

    psd remote