Plug & Print
Printers deployment solution

Plug & Print allows configuration and remote management of the printers installation.


Easy to use, Plug & Print helps you solve the following problems such as  :

Migration of work stations, installating of new printers, print management...


Evaluate Plug & Print
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Create your printers models
Printing has never been so quick and easy !

Plug & Print allows the creation of a printing system by associating a physical printer with a printing model and configuration. You can specify a physical location (site, building, etc…) and a logicial location (accounting, sales, etc…) for your printing system. Once you have created your printing system, you just have to provide the Plug & Print shortcut to your users.









Create and configure your printing systems
Define your own printing options for your needs

Plug & Print features an easy way to configure your printing systems according to your company needs. You an configure as printing models as you need. For example, within the same site, you can define multiples configuration to fit the needs of all the services (color printing for marketing, black & white for sales, etc…).










Install your printers with 2 clicks
Simplicity is not an empty word

Once the administrator have created the printing systems, users can easily and quickly install the printers
they may access according to their location.







Deploy remote printers
With the deployment console

Deploy console allows to deploy remote printers in few clicks. You can deploy with the Active Directory.