Asset management, Automatic Inventory and Help Desk optimization : Key features of the PYTHEAS solution


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ITIL coverage


Assets management









A complete solution

Every process (Asset management, Service Desk, Inventory and Financial) is represented in our solution

An adapted solution

Regardless of company size or project's level of ambition, our solutions can be adapted to meet your needs.

Reduced implementation costs with an "out-of-the-box" solution

PYTHEAS offers predefined objects as a standard feature, a predefined workflow (call center), a set of preconfigured yet modifiable parameters, a wide range of queries, reports and analysis diagrams.  All of this facilitates implementation and reduces costs, offering you an exceptional cost/quality ratio.

PYTHEAS and its partners can guide you through the implementation of your projects.

An upgradeable solution

You can at any time upgrade your database engine to the one that meets your needs : Microsoft Desktop Engine (MSDE), Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle.

Easy-to-Use Outstanding Software

The graphical user interface is very intuitive. The software has been designed so as to reduce the amount of manual data entry and facilitate access to information. Technicians, managers, buyers, executives, employees will all find the GUI is adapted to their specific issues.

A decision-support Tool

The PYTHEAS solution provides you with a wide range of reports, queries and statistics you may change and adapt. The dashboard facilitates your corporate asset  management process and enhances your help desk system while allowing you to elaborate frequent reports.

A full integrated solution

Everyone is involved in the same process and uses the same database regardless of which product they use.


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