Who are we ?

Who was Pythéas?

PYTHEAS has been our company name since September 2003. This name was already used as our corporate trademark on the export market. Prior to this, OCTOPUS was the name of the company in France, and our asset management software product line was known as OCTOParc on the French market.

By the way, do you know who Pytheas was?

Pytheas was a mathematician, geographer and astronomer at the end of the IVth century B.C. He believed that the Earth was round and that there had to be regions of continual daylight on our planet, given the angle of the earth's axis.

To verify his calculations, he embarked from Marseilles and sailed past Hercules' columns (Gibraltar) to reach the British Isles. There, he mapped with great accuracy what is known today as England and Scotland, "discovered" Iceland and headed into the Baltic Sea, where he could observe icebergs and night-less days. Pytheas' report of his travels and sightings met great scepticism then whereas he is today acknowledged as a great man of science.

Pytheas inspires reflection and embodies the will to put studied results into appropriate practical applications. We hope to be able to associate ourselves with Pytheas' bold and enterprising "spirit".