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An easy-to-use solution

 You would like to :printer deployment

- Manage your print servers ?

- Upgrade your entire print fleet ?

- Provide quickly a remote printer to your employees ?

- Controle ang manage your prints (select the trays, the settings...) ?

Plug & Print gives you precisely the answer you're looking for.
Easy to use, Plug & Print deploys easily the remote printer drivers.

Plug & Print features

For administrators :
printer deployment

- To set drivers.
- To set printing systems.
- To record the configuration's printing systems.
- To establish an authorisation system
- To consult logs.

For users :

- The end user need not be administrator of its workstation, Plug & Print automaticaly switch in administrator mode to install drivers.
- The client does not need to be installed, you can easily implement a network shortcut.
- End users can filter avalaible printers according to their locations.
- You can install, uninstall and upgrade many printers in a single operation


For administrators  :

- Fast implementation
- Filter by localization, by IP address, by Active Directory groups (AD)
- Multiple configurations of printers (duplex printing,…)
- Multi-manufacturer solution
- Easily adaptation to multi-sites configuration
- Admin console allows to centralize printing templates
- Allow to delete print servers
- Improve productivity and return on investment

For users :

- Easy to use (no need to be a computer specialist)
- Easy to access (Web page or desktop shortcut)
- Autonomy and time saving

Deployment console

SysConsole, console wich allows to deploy printers.
deployment printer console

- SysConsole allows to deploy on your local network both software’s packages created with SysPackage and Printer systems configured with Plug & Print .

- Operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows 7 (32 and 64 bits) and Windows 8 (32 / 64 bits) are supported

- You can use SysConsole on a windows domain or on a workgroupWith SysConsole,

- You can manage a referent base of local workstation, that lead to create customized selections

With Plug & Print :

- Drivers, printers and printers settings installation can be separated
- Uninstalling is possible
The use of multiple remote distribution servers lead to reduce loading on remote networks.

Administration module needs .net Framework 3.5

Remote distribution server needs .net Framework 3.5 and a 2008 server or more.